Kemi Fadojutimi

nameHost: All Eyes On Africa

Keep Motivating Empowering Inspiring

Kemi B. Fadojutimi is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a mother of 5 and TV & Radio talk show host, management, and strategic development and international relations skills. Kemi bring together professionals across the globe, trainers in diverse fields, also, liaise with a world class social networking group, governments, leaders, organizations and individuals for programs that can bring about positive change in the society. One of her specialized calling is to enhance indigenous participation for self-reliance. Kemi is the founder of Dare2dream organization. Dare2Dream is a youth empowerment project that aims at helping the youths to overcome today’s challenges through self-discovery. It encourages them to dream big while helping them actualize such dreams. It seeks to shift the focus from government to the individual, through the re-awakening of talent and re-invention of passion, thereby raising a new generation of youths who are not afraid to face life’s numerous challenges. to increase public awareness of the neglected problems in the underserved community through outreach and actions that transcend religion, ethnicity and nationality.

What is the show about?

ALL EYES ON AFRICA respectably brings information, education and entertainment to the homes and offices of millions of Africans, Europeans and North Americans variously, three to four days every week. It targets the social class and the family especially and it is completely apolitical, non-ethnic, non-religious, culturally very relevant radio programming. It seeks to reassure of the future individual and corporate greatness, relevance and aptness of the African and of the African continent consequently.
Our Mission is to broadcast the true story of Africa through our professional talents both in the IT and Media and internal sources.  Indeed All Eyes On Africa!