Paul I Adujie

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Paul I. Adujie is a Nigerian who lives in New York City in the United States.

He is Lawyer, Writer, Pubic Policy Analyst, News & Current Affairs Commentator, Essayist, Radio Show Host etc

He considers himself a global or universal citizen. He is passionate about public policy formulations and implementations.  Public Policies have great consequences and far reaching ramifications. A good public policy is a great opportunity to have meaningful impact of the lives of multitudes of people. A meticulously crafted and vigorously implemented public policy is how human lives are improved through the creation of health, wealth and happiness for all.
Good public policy is such which creates sustainable development, progress and advancement. Enhancing lives requires thorough implementation of public policies.
Public policies are crucial for public good or common good .

Paul Adujie is often, would heard him talk about public good in relation to all of humanity, as he is often heard to describe himself as a global or universal citizen and does with so much enthusiasm, optimism and an affecting positive attitude.

In particular reference to the land of his birth, he believes that Nigeria is destined for development, advancement and greatness. He discusses Nigeria with fervor, vigor and a vibrant sense of patriotism. He is an unflinching believer in one indivisible, strong and united Nigeria… where all citizens are equal regardless of state of origins, region of origins and or, religious affiliation.

He talks about Nigeria in such very strong terms, you would be right, if concluded that Nigeria, Africa and peoples of descent is what he worships as his religion, even as he deeply appreciates the United States, a nation with political stability, superb constitutional structure and  time tested democratic values, with the ideal and tenets of the rule of law and constitutional democracy. There indeed many philosophical and physical structures in the United States which Paul Adujie wishes can be replicated with immediate effect in Nigeria.