Ben Adeyanju

Ben-Adeyanju (2)Name: Ben Adeyanju
Programme title: Thrive in the marketplace

What does it take to create success in business? Ben realizes that inspiration and motivation is not enough to create desired success in any business. After conducting several interviews for business leaders in diverse industries through his previous program titled “success does leaves clues” he found great nuggets that he can’t wait to share with his listening audience. They are practical inspirational ideas that are applicable to anyone in spite of of their challenges in the marketplace.

ABOUT BENJAMEN’S SHOW (Inspiration to “Thrive” in the Marketplace): The show is a lifestyle multi-cultural magazine program that focuses on the challenges we face in the business world. As an entrepreneur or employee living in Nigeria, or in Diaspora, the show also crosses over to all African Entrepreneurs’ at large. Benjamin will bring the successful experiences he has acquired over the years through branding several businesses, mentoring and coaching a lot of business owners in diverse industries. Leveraging Hot1960’s platform, he will use all these experiences and will also conduct several interviews on the show for respectable industry leaders to demonstrate to his listeners how they too can “Thrive” in the market place!

On Hot1960.COM: My mission as a presenter on hot1960 is to showcase unique talents coming from Nigeria and all over Africa. I want the world to realize that there are world renowned Nigerian and African business leaders that practice their crafts using a high level of integrity, ethics, and polished skills in and out of their home country. Not only that but for the World to know that these leaders can teach people strategies and ideas that can take your business and life to the next level! ….Stay tuned to Hot1960 stay tuned to my program “Inspiration to Thrive…in the marketplace!