Omachile Adeyanju

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Omachile Adeyanju, popularly known as Oma is a lovely wife, a loving mother, an esteemed Fashion designer, a prolific Entrepreneur, dedicated Philanthropist and a highly focused visionary, also a presenter on Hot1960 platform. Oma has always has the desire to impact the world one way or another, she studied Health Science in college and after her graduation she started a non-profit organization, which is dedicated to public health education and interests of expectant mothers in Nigeria her home country and all over Africa at large.

However her drive for entrepreneurialism and her passion for life and style brought her to the industry of fashion. Growing up and from a very young age, her curiosity about fashion and style came from wearing her mother‟s colorful shoes to absolutely admiring her mother‟s very feminine, colorful and fashionable West African attire.

Oma, now an esteemed fashion designer; developed an eye for color and design an attributes recognized by others, hence she now is a highly sought after personal stylist and consultant.

Her colossal desire for fashion grew as she matured; she was always fashionable but had a very distinctive and an uncanny ability to create unique styles. Because of her distaste for mediocre and common style she was inspired to contribute to women and styles all over the world by teaming up with two other likeminded individuals -her younger sister and one of her best friends to embark on creating exclusive African inspired high fashion dresses, and so „Oodara‟ was birthed. Oma Adeyanju is currently a co-founder, co-designer and co-creator of Oodara.